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Thursday, May 23, 2013

A Review of the D By the Numbers

By now, readers of this blog should be familiar with my minutes per team goal stat (MpTG). Today I thought I would mix it up a little bit. Instead of looking at it as an offensive stat, I thought I would modify it to look at how RSL is playing defensively. Some of my findings were very surprising to me.

This stat is a little different than the MpTG stat. This one takes a look at each of RSL's players on the back line. Instead of seeing how often RSL scores while a player is on the pitch, this stat looks at how often RSL concedes a goal while the player is on the pitch. For the MpTG stat, the lower the number, the better it is for the player. With this stat (which I am calling Minutes per Conceded Goal or MpCG) the higher the number the better. As a point of reference, the team is currently conceding a goal every 83.57 minutes.

Player Min Goals Conceded MpCG
Wingert 360 5 72.00
Beltran 990 9 110.00
Schuler 1080 13 83.08
Bourchers 720 8 90.00
Salcedo 181 2 90.50
Palmer 534 9 59.33
Mansally 328 3 109.33
Watson-Siriboe 450 7 64.29

Only giving up a goal every 110 minutes was a very respectable number for Beltran. I was surprised to see that Mansally  had a very high number as well. I was also surprised to see Palmer's score to be so low. I never really remember thinking that Palmer was playing poor defensively.

Player Min
not played
Goals Conceded MpCG
Wingert 810 9 90.00
Beltran 180 5 36.00
Schuler 90 1 90.00
Borchers 450 6 75.00
Salcedo 989 12 82.42
Palmer 648 5 129.60
Mansally 845 11 76.82
Watson-Siriboe 720 7 102.86

The table above shows how the team played while the player was not on the field. I couldn't believe that the team was giving up a goal every 36 minutes that Beltran was not on the field. And again, this shows that the team plays much better defense when Palmer is not in the match.

Player Min Goals Conceded MpCG
Borchers/Schuler 540 5 108.00
Schuler/Watson-Siriboe 360 5 72.00
Borchers/Salcedo 90 1 90.00
Schuler/Salcedo 90 1 90.00
Bouchers/Watson-Siriboe 90 2 45.00

Finally, this shows how the center back pairings do when they are playing together. Going into the season we knew that Schuler would be put into the starting lineup. It is good to see that he works so well with Borchers next to him.

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