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Monday, August 26, 2013

Crunching the Numbers- Columbus

When it comes to looking at the stats after an RSL match, not all matches are created equal. Sometimes it can be a chore to find interesting stats after a low scoring loss. And then there are matches like the Columbus match which is at the other end of the spectrum. After a 4-0 win there are so many interesting stats to look at and so many things that jump out to me. So to fit them all in, here is an extended version of Crunching the Numbers.
  • RSL has now scored 48 goals in 2430 minutes or a goal every 50.63 minutes. RSL has now set a club record for the most goals in a season.
  • The team has given up 33 goals or a goal every 73.64 minutes.
  • RSL has scored 23 goals at home (1.77 goals per game) and 25 goals on the road (1.79 goals per game).
  • Over the past nine games, RSL has scored 20 times or a goal every 40.50 minutes.
  • RSL midfielders have now scored 22 times on the season. Last season they only accounted for 13 total goals.
  • RSL now has seven players with 4 goals or more on the team. Last season the team only had three players with 4 or more goals.
  • The team has now scored 19 goals after the 75th minute in matches. This accounts for 39.58% of all goals scored.
  • Devon Sandoval and Olmes Garcia have now played 282 minutes together. During that time RSL has scored 8 times or a goal every 35.25 minutes.
  • Garcia has now played 831 minutes total. During that time the team has scored 21 goals or a goal every 39.57 minutes.
  • Garcia now has 4 assists on the season. That comes out to .43 assists per 90 minutes that he plays. This is the best assist rate on the team. 
  • Sandoval has played 619 minutes as a starter. During that time the team has scored 12 times or a goal every 51.58 minutes. This is the best among all starting strikers. 
  • Sebastian Velasquez has now played 179 minutes off the bench. During that time RSL has scored 10 times or a goal every 17.90 minutes.
  • Carlos Salcedo has now played 811 minutes. During that time the team has given up 9 goals or a goal every 90.11 minutes. This is best among all center backs on the team.
  • RSL is a +18 when Javier Morales is on the field.
  • Cole Grossman has played 11 minutes the past two matches. The team has scored 2 goals during that time or a goal every 5.50 minutes. Not too shabby.
  • RSL has yet to play in a 0-0 match this season. Last season they played in four regular season matches and one playoff game that ended with a 0-0 score line.

RSL's offense continues to be on fire. Not only did they break their all-time scoring mark, they did it with 7 matches left in the season. Their scoring rate of 50.63 is almost 10 minutes better than their previous all time best season. That is incredible to think about especially when Alvaro Saborio has missed 15 matches over the course of the season.

A lot of the credit to the offensive explosion has to go to the RSL midfield. Never before in team history has the team gotten so much production from the midfield.  So far this season nine different players have played in the midfield for RSL. Of those players, seven have scored goals. 

All of Garcia's numbers are unbelievable. Everyone has been talking about his offensive game in regards to goals being scored. But I was shocked when I noticed his assist rate. At the moment Garcia is scoring 0.54 goals per 90 minutes and 0.43 assists. Looking at it that way, his play is directly leading to a goal almost every 90 minutes he is in a match.  

Velasquez really needs to be looked at as a super sub off the bench. The interesting thing is that he has really struggled as a starter. The team is scoring at a rate of a goal every 76.43 minutes when he is playing as a starter.  But the spark that he brings off the bench cannot be denied. The offense seems to pick up every time they bring him into a match. He was directly involved in both goals that were scored after he came in against Columbus.

I really like the strike partnership of Garcia and Sandoval. They seem to have really good chemistry when they pair together up top. Although Sandoval might not be the most technical or speedy forward that we have, I do feel his size and work rate are a real value to the team when Saborio is not available. I don't think that he plays really well together with Saborio but while Saborio is out I hope that he gets more playing time. 

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