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Monday, August 19, 2013

Crunching the Numbers- LA Edition

It had to happen sometime. It had been a long time since RSL had lost by more than one goal. Going into Saturday night it had only happen two other occasions on the season. The last time was back on April 27 when a short handed LA Galaxy came into the Riot and beat RSL 2-0. Since that match, RSL has been in every game they have played, until Saturday night. Even though it was a poor performance there were some interesting stats that came out of the match.

  • RSL has now scored 41 goals on the season. This total passes the season total amount in 2008. They are now scoring at a rate of a goal every 54.88 minutes. Next up in the race for the best offensive season in club history is the 43 goal mark set in 2009.
  • The team has now conceded 30 goals or a goal every 75.00 minutes. 
  • RSL has scored 22 times on the road compared to only 19 times at home.
  • RSL has given up 20 goals on the road compared to only 10 at home. 
  • Going into the match, Robbie Findley and Olmes Garcia had only played 13 minutes together. 
  • Joao Plata and Olmes Garcia have played 314 minutes together. In that time RSL has scored 9 goals or a goal every 34.89 minutes.
  • Garcia has played 277 minutes as a sub. During that time the team has scored 10 times or a goal every 27.70 minutes.
  • Going into the match RSL was giving up a goal every 138.09 minutes when Tony Beltran played. After giving up four goals that number has dropped to a goal every 107.27 minutes. This is still the best on the team by over 15 minutes a goal. Chris Wingert is next best with the team giving up a goal every 92.08 minutes that he plays.
  • Per @Optajack on Twitter (great feed to follow) this is the first season since 2008 where RSL has given up 4 or more goals in a game twice during the same season. 
Obviously when a team gives up four goals all the defensive stats are going to go way down. Beltran's numbers took the biggest tumble just because his was so good going into the match. He had not played in a match where RSL gave up 3 or more goals since June of last year. 

The late goal by Findley salvaged some offensive numbers for the team. But on a whole the offense did not look good in the match either. Findley has become a somewhat divisive figure as far as the fans are concerned. His individual stats are actually pretty good. His COR score is actually now fourth best on the team. Watch for a post later this week for an in-depth look at Findley and all his statistics.  

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