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Thursday, September 12, 2013

RSL Family- Chris Wingert and Thoughts from the Academy

The team is the star.

Photo by James Bosworth
The motto of RSL is something that has permeated throughout the whole organization, even down to the academy level. In truth, this philosophy is the basis for the RSL Family itself. RSL is the anti-LA Galaxy in so many different ways. While LA wants to be the team of stars, RSL wants the team to be the star. Or in other words, a family.

In this edition of my RSL Family series I get the thoughts of Chris Wingert. I was very interested in getting the perspective of a player that has played on multiple teams in his career. I wanted to find out if the RSL Family was truly unique among other teams throughout the league.  I first spoke to him about the comments that Coach Kreis made about the team being so close.
I think in a way its not an accident. The staff has done a real good job of piecing together the puzzle and making sure the personalities, as best they can tell before they come here, are going to fit. And they have done a great job of that. At the same time we have been fortunate that all the new guys, the young guys, have really bought in. And they have really brought a lot to the table. They are not just "yes" men. They have a lot of personality but they really want to buy in to what we have going on here. A few of them have come from situations that maybe wasn't as good. They feel fortunate to be here. I know that is the case with me and a lot of the other guys. It is a fun group to be a part of.
Then I asked about the RSL Family itself and if it was something special and unique here.
I wold agree with that. I am sure that there are other clubs that are great organizations to be a part of as well, but that certainly is the case here. And since I have been around for awhile, and a lot of these guys have, I think we realize that we are fortunate and the grass isn't always greener. We are in a great situation with a great group of not only good players but great people. It is something we want to be a part of. It is one of the reasons that there has been a core group here for a long time.

In hearing these comments a couple of things stood out to me. As I have started to write about this topic, many people have commented on how great a group of guys are that we have here. I would not disagree with that statement in the slightest. I love how Wingert talked about this not being an accident. As the staff are looking for new players, they are not just looking for the best player possible. They are looking for good people that happen to be good at soccer as well.

The other thing that I loved was that Wingert, as well as the other players on the team, understand that they  have something good going on here. They are in a really great situation but more importantly they truly want to be here. And as fans, this makes us love them even more.

One of the facts that I love the most about the RSL Family is that this feeling of family has made its way down to our academy in Arizona. Andy Willilams talked a little bit about it here. I wanted to get a better understanding of what some of the kids at the academy felt about the RSL family. Here are the thoughts of three of the players.

"To me it means that we are as one in everything we do. All these kids are family to me and I would do anything for any one of them." - Justen Glad

"RSL Family means that not only do we live together, but we work hard and sacrifice to achieve all our goals." -Kaleb Goodman

"To me the RSL Family means that we help each other out. We live together, we are basically like brothers. We are as one." -Adam Furguson

Special thanks to Garrett Cleverly for getting these quotes for me.

These comments are awesome. These kids truly get what the RSL Family means. All those people that are involved with the academy should be applauded for this. As players come through the academy and eventually make their way up to the main team they will already have that bond in place. It is only going to make them, and the team stronger.

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