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Monday, April 21, 2014

Crunching the Numbers- Portland

By Charles Barnard

RSL continued their undefeated streak on Saturday with a 1-0 over the Portland Timbers. Nick Rimando once again had an unbelievable performance in goal to preserve the shut out. Going back to the Playoffs last season, RSL is now 6-0-5 in its last 11 matches (MLS Cup was considered a draw).

With the shut out the team's defensive numbers continue to shine. But some of the best defensive numbers are coming from someplace you might not expect it. Let's jump into the numbers.

  • RSL has now scored 11 goals on the season. They are now averaging scoring a goal every 57 minutes.
  • The defense has only given up 6 goals on a season or a goal every 105 minutes.
  • Olmes Garcia has not scored a goal in the last 846 minutes that he has been on the field (over all competitions). 
  • Garcia has played 345 minutes this season. During that time, RSL has only given up 1 goal. 
  • Sebastian Velasquez has only played 40 minutes so far this season but in that time RSL has scored 2 goals.
  • When Joao Plata plays, RSL is scoring a goal every 38 minutes. When he has not played, RSL is scoring a goal every 80 minutes. 
  • Plata is creating a shot (shot or pass that leads to a shot) every 12 minutes that he is on the field.
  • RSL is only giving up a goal every 150 minutes that Chris Schuler has been on the field this season. 
  • Since coming back from injury last season RSL is 7-1-6 with Schuler in the lineup.
I am a firm believer that a player can contribute to a team without scoring goals. That is the whole reason I started keeping many of the stats that I do. And Garcia is contributing to the team while he is on the pitch. He is very good at drawing PK's and the defensive number above is pretty impressive for him. 

With all that said I am worried about his offensive production. For a forward not to score in well over 800 minutes is not good. His shot attempts are way down this year as well. Last season he was averaging taking a shot almost 3 times per 90 minutes played. This season that number is slightly above 1 shot per 90 minutes played. 

Joao Plata is on the other end of the spectrum. He has been much more aggressive this season. He is averaging almost 1.5 more shots per 90 minutes this season than he did last. He has also been much more accurate. So far this season 70% of his shots have been on frame compared to only 38% last season. Now he has still really only played a limited amount of time so these numbers may decrease, but it will be interesting to continue to track through the course of the year.

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