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Friday, May 23, 2014

2015 Expansion Draft- Poll results

Earlier this week I revisited the question on who RSL should protect in the upcoming expansion draft. I have to say that the results were very interesting. One of the things that I wanted to do in this series of posts was to track how our views would change between now and draft day.

The first poll was conducted in early February. I knew that there would be some changes, but I am somewhat surprised by how much things have changed since then. Before getting into the new results here is a review of poll results from February. The percentage next to the name is the percentage of people that had that particular player on their protection list.

Beckerman (100%)
Beltran (100%)
Schuler (100%)
Rimando (95%)
Gil (95%)
Velasquez (91%)
Garcia (87%)
Morales (79%)
Saborio (70%)
Salcedo (66%)
Plata (50%)

Just looking at this list I knew that Plata's numbers would go up with his great start to the season. But I wondered what else would change. Would Mulholland make the list? Would any other players sneak their way on the list? And who would drop off it? The answers were pretty surprising. Here are the results of the most recent poll.

Plata (100%)
Schuler (100%)
Beckerman (98%)
Rimando (96%)
Beltran (89%)
Gil (81%)
Morales (79%)
Saborio (77%)
Mulholland (61%)
Sandoval (45%)
Grabavoy (44%)

So not only did Mulholland make the list but so did Sandoval and Grabavoy. Those that dropped off were Velasquez (36%), Salcedo (32%), and Garcia (30%). It doesn't necessarily surprise me that these three got less votes this time around. But I am a little surprised with how far Velasquez and Garcia fell from 3 months ago.

Personally I fall into the category of protecting our younger players over some of our aging stars. For the record here were the 11 that I protected.


I will look to conduct this poll at this one more time during the course of the season and prior to the expansion draft itself. It will be very interesting to see if these numbers will continue to change.

Did any of these results surprise you? 


  1. I also fall in line with your thoughts on protecting our younger guys.

  2. I'm a little surprised that Rimando's percentage went up with the way Attinella has played this season.