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Saturday, May 18, 2013

A Look at the RSL Midfield

In my last blog post I mentioned that I didn't think I truly understood all the little things that Ned Grabavoy does on the pitch for RSL. I have only looked at the forward's stats up to this point. After thinking about it some more, I decided to figure out my Minutes per Team Goal (MpTG) stat for all of our midfielders as well. With the forwards I was surprised with how low a score Sandoval has. I was curious to see how our midfielders stacked up with each other as well as the forwards. Here is what I found:

Min Team Goals  MpTG
Gil 838 8 104.75
Grabavoy 845 11 76.82
Morales 602 8 75.25
Velasquez 574 9 63.78
Stephenson 258 3 86.00
Beckerman 841 11 76.45

For comparisons sake, RSL as a team is scoring a goal every 83.08 minutes. I was surprised to see that Gil had the highest number at a team goal every 104.75 minutes. The thing that really shocks me is how much higher his score is than all the other midfielders. 

It is impressive that Velasquez has been on the field for 9 of the 13 goals scored by the team. That is pretty impressive given the fact that he has played less than many of the other midfielders.

Min not played Team Goals  MpTG
Gil 251 5 50.20
Grabavoy 235 2 117.50
Morales 478 5 95.60
Velasquez 506 4 126.50
Stephenson 822 10 82.20
Beckerman 239 2 119.50

This table shows how the team is scoring when the players are not on the field. Again, Gil sticks out to me for the wrong reasons. The team seems to play much better when he is not on the field. And the team is playing awful when Velasquez is not on the field. 

A lot of people have been calling for Velasquez to be getting the start over Gil. These numbers seem to prove those people correct. At least that is how I see it from the upper deck.

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