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Monday, May 13, 2013

Crunching the Numbers- Montreal

Many blogs do excellent jobs of reviewing matches. Instead of doing a review in the traditional sense, I thought I would start doing something a little different. Going forward, every Monday I will be taking an overall look at the statistics and share some points that I find interesting.
  • The team has now scored 13 goals in 1080 minutes played for a goal every 83.08 minutes. This is the highest rating since 2007 when the team scored a goal every 87.10 minutes. Just to put things in perspective, in 2010 RSL scored a goal every 60 minutes that they played which is the lowest number in team history. 
  • Devon Sandoval is leading the forwards in my Minutes per Team Goal (MpTG) stat with a goal being scored every 50.22 minutes that he is on the field (see here for an explanation how I figure this stat out). He has now been on the field for 9 of the 13 goals that RSL have scored. In comparison the team is scoring a goal in every 157.25 minutes of play that he is not on the field.
  • Is Garcia/Sandoval our strike partnership of the future? They have currently played 140 minutes together on the field. In that time, the team has scored 4 goals or a goal every 35 minutes.
  • Many wondered where the goals would come from when Saborio got hurt. The stats are showing that this should not be as big of a concern as first imagined. RSL has now played 543 minutes without Sabo on the pitch. During that time they have scored 8 goals for a goal every 67.87 minutes
  • According to the Opta Chalkboard Ned Grabavoy had 33 successful passes with no unsuccessful passes. That is pretty incredible. Sometimes I think I miss all the little things that Grabavoy does in a match. Watch in the future as I look at the offensive minded midfielders with my MpTG stat.
Matt over at RSL Soapbox had a great tweet the other day. He said "I've never met a statistic that lied. I've met plenty of people (myself included) that derive the wrong things from a statistic, though." This tweet is so true. The stats above can tell a very interesting story as far as how players or the team as a whole are playing. I will be the first to admit though that they don't tell the whole story. But I also feel that they can be a very important tool to be used. At least, that is how I see it from the upper deck.

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