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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Expansion Poll Results

Last week I conducted my third in a series of polls looking at who the RSL fan base believes should be protected in the upcoming expansion draft. The results are in and they are pretty interesting.

The first poll was conducted back in February. The second poll took place in May. I was surprised to see how many changes took place between those two polls. Now we are in the homeward stretch of the season. Changes have been made to the roster. The team has a new DP player that the fans have yet to see play. And once again, there are some big changes to the poll.

Before I get to these new results, here are the results of the first two polls. The percentage next to the name is the percentage of people that had that particular player on their protected list.

February May
Beckerman (100%) Plata (100%)
Beltran (100%) Schuler (100%)
Schuler (100%) Beckerman (98%)
Rimando (95%) Rimando (96%)
Gil (95%) Beltran (89%)
Velasquez (91%) Gil (81%)
Garcia (87%) Morales (79%)
Morales (79%) Saborio (77%)
Saborio (70%) Mulholland (61%)
Salcedo (66%) Sandoval (45%)
Plata (50%) Grabavoy (44%)

I was pretty sure that Sebastian Jaime would make the new list,  but without seeing him play I was unsure how high he would rank. I was also curious to see who else would rise and fall. Here are the results

Beckerman (100%)
Schuler (100%)
Rimando (98%)
Plata (96%)
Gil (92%)
Sabario (87%)
Beltran (77%)
Jaime (75%)
Morales (66%)
Mulholland (64%)
Salcedo (57%)

Jaime did make the list appearing on 75% of ballots. Salcedo also made his way back on the list after having been dropped in May. Due to these two additions, Devon Sandoval and Ned Grabavoy fell off the current protected list. For those wondering the next highest players would be Borchers (50%), Grabavoy (48%) and Garcia (42%). 

It is interesting to see both Gil and Saborio received more votes in this poll than in May. Beltran has dropped in votes each of the past two ballots. And Chris Schuler is the only player that has been included on every ballot for each of the three polls that I have conducted.

My personal poll was very close to the one above. The only difference that I had on mine was that I protected Garcia over Morales. Now I think Morales is having a wonderful year, but I was looking more towards the future with my picks. 

I will conduct one more poll prior to the expansion draft itself to see where we as a fan base stands at that point.

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