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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

2015 Expansion Draft Update- Post Jaime Edition

By Charles Barnard

It has been a big few weeks in the world of RSL. There were major changes to the roster with the signing of Sebastian Jaime as well as trading Kwame Watson-Siriboe to NYCFC.  Due to these moves a lot of talk took place about the future of the team. And it wasn't long before talk of the upcoming expansion draft started once again.

It has been almost three months since I did my last look at the expansion draft. We are now approaching the homeward stretch of the regular season. I thought this would be the perfect time to once again conduct a poll to see who people think RSL should protect in the upcoming draft.

This will be the third poll that I have conducted so far this season. I do have to say it was very interesting to see the difference in opinion between the first poll conducted back in February and the second one done in May. Players like Joao Plata and Luke Mulholland saw a vast increase in the amount of people that decided to protect them. Others like Sebastian Velasquez and Olmes Garcia who were originally picked to be protected fell off the compiled list. It will be interesting to see what the shakeup will be this time around.

As a reminder, here are the rules that I am using for the expansion draft in this poll. Since the official rules have not been released I am somewhat guessing what they will be. You can protect 11 players. Home Grown players will automatically be protected so you don't need to worry about protecting players like Jordan Allen. Remember that even though Carlos Salcedo did go the academy (and played in the Homegrown game at the All-Star festivities), he did not sign as a Home Grown Player. For this poll's purpose, he is eligible and will need to be protected if you wish.

This is where you come in. Please go here and fill out who you think the 11 players that should be protected in the draft. Do take age into consideration but don't worry about things like player's contracts as that information is not readily available. I will post a follow up article in a few days with the results of the poll along with who I chose to protect.

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